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We are a network of activists, local and international experts, policy and decision makers, and academics. Together, we develop sustainable solutions to improve water management and improve water quality in the Euphrates Basin and the Tigris.

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Tale of a river

A comic book on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers from formation to drying

Research, Articles and Legislation

There is a gap in information about water and the environment in Iraq. Iraq, unfortunately, is one of the 5 countries most affected by climate change.

Here you can find research papers conducted by our experts from Iraq, the region and Europe.

A Green and Sustainable Vision for Basra

by Broder Merkel, Sameh W. Al-Muqdadi, Nawrast S. Abdalwahab and Zina Riadh Between the 1950s and 1970s, Basra was known as the Venice of the Middle East. Today, one can […]

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Gender and Water Dynamics in Iraq: towards inclusive and sustainable water responses

by Salma Kadry While water-related threats are pronounced across Iraqi society, their impacts are far from universal: water scarcity and its associated threats have important gender dimensions that shape how […]

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Rivers – The Essence of Civilization Water Management in Ancient Mesopotamia and Its Powerful Role throughout Mythology and History

by Lana Haddad Archeologist Lana Haddad takes us back to the history of Mesopotamia and its very first laws on water. From mediating water conflicts around 2600 BCE, to the […]

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Who we are ?

We are a network of local and international experts, policy and decision makers and academia. Together we develop sustainable solutions for better water management and improved water quality in the Euphrates and Tigris basin.

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